Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I need a mood adjustment...

I'm just in a crappy mood and have been for DAYS! I don't know what the deal is. I keep trying to be in a better mood, but for some reason it's just not happening.

I ended up drinking half a beer last night at the volunteer group get together even though I'm supposed to be drinking only water until the 1st. When I made the decision to drink the beer I was okay with it because I've only had water since June 19th and I feel like that's a really big accomplishment. So I went home and didn't feel any guilt or anything. Well then this morning I was feeling irritated and decided that I might as well just go ahead and eat out somewhere since I already broke one of my goals by drinking the beer. That kind of thinking is so ridiculous and just irritates me. I don't know why I would start to even go there, but for some reason I really just want to eat out today and start over another day. So far I've stayed strong, but lunch is right around the corner and my frozen meal isn't sounding all that appealing. I have no clue what's gotten into me.

"S" didn't call yesterday which is a good thing but I can't shake the feeling that he's going to end up calling sometime and this whole mess isn't really done with.

Arg! I HATE being in a bad mood and I can normally pull myself out of one, but I'm failing miserably lately. I think it's a combination of being on my period, this whole situation with "S", being tired, having a constant headache for nearly four days, etc. I probably just need to go home after work and eat dinner, clean up and go to bed early. Actually, I wish I was already sleeping...


  1. I hate days like that. The smallest things weigh on you so heavily. I'm sorry.

    Can you go out for lunch and get something healthy? I like to look online at nutrition info beforehand and then go. Maybe there is a compromise somewhere. :)

    Get some rest, maybe some exercise and you'll have a much better day tomorrow.

  2. There is no starting over. Don't wait for tomorrow, you have a chance to make a healthy decision. Is going out to eat today worth the extra time in the gym or the scale not moving? Is it really worth it? Just suck it up and get through the next couple of hours. Did you work out today? If not, I suggest going to the gym or going for a 20 minute walk. It will help you clear your mind & relax. #24 on your list is "BE TRUE TO YOURSELF" so now is the time.

    Love you and am sending happy vibes your way!

  3. Thank you! I bought my birthday dress at Forever 21 for like $25! I really like that style of dress...I love Forever 21!! A few other places I like are Express, American Eagle (love their jeans), and Charlotte Russe! I actually went into Kohls the other day and they had TONS of cute stuff right now (dresses, tops). When I get money next week I am so going there!

    Hope you feel better soon! Maybe try and exercise when you feel low instead of eating. I sometimes do that but I need to do it ALOT more!



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