Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm entering my first contest ever!

Well technically, I'm entering two! I'm so super excited!!!!

Jen at PriorFatGirl is giving away a year's subscription to Health Magazine-woohoo! I'm actually not familiar with this particular magazine, but I figure I need all the healthy goodness I can bring into my life. Also, Jen has the greatest blog so go check her out! She's incredibly inspirational and I look forward to reading her posts each morning. It makes getting to work so early a little bit easier and I'll take all the help I can get.

Amanda is also having a contest! Is this my lucky day or what?!?! In order to support drinking more water and saving the enviroment (by not using so many plastic bottles), she's giving away a 16-oz Camelbak water bottle! I would love, love, love to win since I drink all this water anyway. And...I only use a regular cup at work and still have to take the same plastic bottle to the gym each day. If I had this new Camelbak I could use it for both work and the gym and it would make me a very happy girl! Amanda has been guest blogging on Jen's blog for awhile now, but she recently started her very own blog and it's worth reading! (wow, I used the word "blog" alot in that last sentence) She's lost a great deal of weight and looks fantastic!

Well, I'm absolutely exhausted and busy at work so I've got to go, but maybe I'll be able to get in another post later today!


  1. oh and if you win Amanda's contest, you can be check off #2 of 38 on your list!

  2. YAY for free stuff!

    ok, I agree on the frozen meals, I'll let ya off the hook. But only if you promise not to give up. I command you actually. Yep, that's right. I COMMAND YOU! LOL Ok, I'm a dork.


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