Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Frozen Meals...Good or Evil???

I'll be the first to admit that I rely on frozen meals when I'm trying to lose weight. I love the portion control, the variety, the ease of popping them in the microwave...however, I'm not immune to all the negative feedback they get. I've read articles like this and heard numerous stories about how much sodium they can contain. I read that some people even have trouble losing weight when they're doing all the right things if they rely on frozen meals because of all the water they retain from the salt. This has been weighing on my mind alot lately, but I have to say that for right now it just makes sense for me to eat these. I know that I would end up consuming alot more calories if I chose to go out to eat and this keeps me from eating crap when I'm too tired to cook anything. However, I do plan to starting eating more fresh ingredients down the road. Right now I want to get some control when it comes to portion size and then go from there. Hopefully, I'll start bringing leftovers to work for lunch, but right now that's difficult because if I make enough dinner for leftovers, I normally eat too much at dinner. Ridiculous, but it always happens.

Anyway, Jen is starting her own water challenge and dared her readers to only drink water for the rest of the month. I'll technically be done with my month on the 19th, but I decided to go ahead and keep it up until August 1st. And then I'm indulging in an iced coffee or strawberry smoothie! Even though I am planning on that treat, I think I'll stick with this water thing 90% of the time. It's become a habit that I don't really think about anymore; I just automatically order water when eating out, I ony have water at work and at home and my friends and family know to not even bother offering anything else, so it's working great!

So, back to the frozen meal thing...I thought I'd tell you some of my favorites. Lean Cuisines are probably the ones I buy the most and I absolutely LOVE the Chicken Bacon Ranch Flatbread and their French Bread Pepperoni Pizza. I also really like Smart One's Ziti. What are your favorites? Or, if you don't eat frozen meals, what do you eat on days you're too tired to cook or put something together?

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  1. Frozen meals are my friend.

    Seriously. I had a post called just that! for the first 1.5 years of my 100lbs lost journey, I ate them every day for lunch (okay, more like 90% of my lunches). I know they are bad but they are just so easy & portioned! Just this week though, I'm TRYING to get out of my box thinking. Not becaue of the "bad" associated with my frozen meals but because I need to be more social! :)

    I LOVE the Smart Ones Rice & Beans, Smart Ones Chicken Enchiladas and Smart Ones Lasagna. I could eat those three over and over and over again!

    Hey, since you are already on the water challenge and are almost done, whaddya say about giving up frozen meals from now until August 1st? (Yep, I'm all for a little challenge!)


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