Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 14!

Wow, I can't believe I've only been drinking water for 2 weeks today! Sweet! And I'm glad I checked the calendar to see that because I'm really really craving a cappuchino or iced coffee this morning to give me a little kick. BUT...I'm not giving in and losing two weeks worth of work only to start all over. What do you guys do to give yourselves some energy when you're tired at work? I know that if I was at home I could take a quick nap or go run some errands or go to the pool or something, but at work I'm sort of at a loss. I normally rely on coffee or something sugary, but that's not going to help me get any closer to my weight loss goals.

I've almost been blogging everyday for a month, so I'm that much closer to crossing another goal off my 101 list-woohoo!

Today feels like Friday to me. We get tomorrow off of work for the 4th of July Holiday and I'm just so anxious that I barely feel like I can make it through the day! Which kind of contradicts what I said about being tired. I'm actually tired, but I feel like the day is going by so SLOWLY because I want to go ahead and start my weekend! I have big plans to spend the majority of tomorrow at the pool. I can't wait!

Oh, and the big news I mentioned awhile back...I'm building a house! It should be done in November and I really want to be in better shape by then. I just found out yesterday that the frame and walls are up. Next week the plumbing and fireplace people are coming! I'm so excited because when I was out there last week, it was just a concrete slab and when I go out there this weekend, it will actually resemeble a house!

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  1. building a house!? that is so exciting!!

    Congrats on the water - don't stop now, that is quite an accomplishment! I resort to coffee when I need a pick-me-up but since your on this amazing water only journey, I forbid you (yep, cuz I'm in charge) I forbid you to drink anything other than water. Now have a good weekend!!


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