Sunday, July 19, 2009


Please excuse the poor picture and lack of presentation. I wanted to take a picture of one on my plate, but I forgot because these are sooo good! They actually don't look all that appetizing in the pan (I'm taking it to work tomorrow so it's in an ugly disposable pan), but taste amazing! They're called crack brownies (ha!) and I got the recipe from the book It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken. I had to modify it a bit...I used a different type of caramel and evaporated milk, but they came out just fine. The only thing I messed up on was using the wrong size pan. That's why it's all burnt at the edges-it got much thinner at that end, but it's okay. I would definitely recommend making these, but BEWARE: they are extremely rich. You can see in the picture that I took one piece and then put half of it back. I couldn't even eat the whole thing! Well not at one time...I finished off that second half later.

Time for stomach won't quit growling!

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  1. Oh those look fabulous!

    To heck with the presentation!


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