Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I figured out how to move things from the bottom of my blog over to the right side and I added my 101 list! I'm mightly pleased with it all if I do say so myself. That's one thing I can check off my to do list :)


  1. Spinning would totally help you check off #4 on your list! :) I responded to you on my blog, but here's what I said:
    I took it easy the first time in terms of resistance because I didn't want to injure myself. Even though I was sweaty and had a great workout the first time, I tried to challenge myself a little more yesterday. I upped the resistance and pushed my speed a little more. I would definitely try can fit it to your own fitness level! It's so much fun. :)

  2. WAHOO!!! I love # 24.

    Regarding #36 (which I love!), have you heard of operation beautiful? Great concept, about leaving random reminders for people. It was started by a blogger I recently found and think it is one of the most sincere idea's I've ever heard!

  3. Thanks for the spinning advice!

    Jen, I have heard of operation beautiful and love that site! It's such a fantastic idea!

  4. Oh, can you tell me how?? I really want to put my list on the side, too!


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