Friday, June 12, 2009

My quest for perfection...

First off, I know that perfection is unattainable...however, that doesn't stop me from striving to get pretty darn close. I've always done pretty well at school and work, but I seem to be lacking the whole domestic gene. Do you have those friends that just seem to be born naturally creative and can make a home warm and inviting like it's second nature?

I most certaintly do. One of my good friends is having marital issues and moved out of her big home into a tiny little apartment. It's much smaller than my own apartment and in an older complex so I wasn't expecting much when I went over there for dinner the other night. Much to my surprise, it was amazing. She had turned this shabby maybe 600 sq. ft. apartment into a place that I wanted to stay at and not leave. All of sudden I wanted to live at the same place, but I logically know that it wouldn't solve my problem. See my apartment is much bigger, I've had much more time to decorate (she's only been in her apartment for a couple of days), I have more money I can spend to decorate, etc. It doesn't matter though because as much as I seem to spend, it just doesn't have the same feel. I have lots of pictures and candles and expensive bedding, but it just doesn't flow. It feels disjointed and I'm beginning to think I just don't have that talent and will have to pay someone. My quest for perfection isn't just with my home, though. I also want to be a good cook and host dinner parties and baby showers, and bachelorette parties, etc. I just have this strange desire to do all those kinds of things, which is sort of weird since I was raised to be so independent. I'm all for women being independent and taking care of themselves, but I still see myself being equally happy being a stay at home mom, cooking, cleaning, and hosting parties. It's sort of 1950's. Anyway, I'm sure I'll find a balance one way or another. I'm actually off to text my talented decorating friend and see if she wants to spend her weekend helping me turn my apartment from blah into...gorgeous!!!

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