Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm still doing it!

I've stuck to my goals lately. I've been walking the puppy, writing in my paper journal, blogging and doing pilates or a yoga tape every single day. I'm actually quite proud of myself.

Today was a pilates day and it's getting easier. It's still hard and I would rather not do it, but I just keep telling myself to finish up this month and then I can move on to some new exercises. I think I'll probably start the 30 day shred videos. I think there are three of them so that should be three months of exercise for me! And it's starting to get really hot so it will be nice to work out inside. Maybe once summer is over I can get back out there and start running again. I really do think I need to lose some weight though before I can really get into it. At least I'm hoping carrying around the extra weight is what's causing me to have such bad shin splints.

Well I really need to do some grocery shopping so I'll be back tomorrow!

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