Monday, June 29, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I'll start out with the good news. Whatever was bothering my stomach yesterday got out of my system and I'm feeling much better today. I must have eaten something bad because my stomach was seizing up and cramping and I felt just plain miserable for most of the night. I'm glad I'm up and around today though because I didn't want to miss any work. I'm saving up some time off to go to a waterpark soon!

The Bad news is that I can't seem to get over the ugly news.

Now for the friend has two Yorkie's that had puppies about 11 weeks ago. She had 4 boys and 1 girl, but one of the boys died a couple of days after it was born. I really love puppies so I went over there to visit the 3 boys and 1 girl quite a bit and thought long and hard about buying the girl puppy. I want to wait until I'm out of my apartment though, so I decided not to get here. But, since I love playing with all the babies I would go sit with them when they were trying to sell them. They did sell the girl (right away!), but the three boys just weren't selling at all. So I had lots and lots of time to play with them and bond. The one with the blue collar hardly ever listens and does whatever he feels like, but he's all cute and rolly-polly and is sweet as pie when he's ready for a nap. The one with the red collar will play with you and listens and likes to run around and make friends. The one with the black collar is super laid back and sweet and everyone's favorite. He just wants you to hold him and love on him. Well I got a text message last night from my friend saying that her boy dog (the dad) killed the black collar baby. I just started bawling. It's so sad because he was the sweetest little puppy and everyone's favorite (not that the other two weren't as important, but this one was the littlest and probably couldn't even fight back). I guess the two boys left are separated from the parents, but I'm just so sad over this. He wasn't even my dog, but I played with him enough that he really made an impression on me. I'm such an animal lover and I can't really handle things like that. I wish I didn't know and they just told me they sold him to a good family. I know that I'm an adult and need to be able to deal with the truth, but if it involves animals, I just turn into a child and cry and cry. I really hope the other two sell soon and go to good homes. I would take one, but I don't want two boys because I'm afraid they wouldn't get along. It really, really sucks...

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