Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 6

Today is day 6 of my water challenge and it's going fantastically! Is that a word? Anyway, I'm not having any problems at all and that's just absolutely great.

I am really tired this morning though. I happen to have a maltese/yorkie puppy that kind of looks like this -->

He's beyond the cutest little puppy, but last night he kept hearing noises and then barking and growling. I had gotten to sleep in yesterday so I wasn't that tired when I needed to go to bed and by the time I got tired, he kept me up for hours with all his noise making. I love him to death though and I know he was just trying to protect me. It's cute normally, but last night I was at my wits end. Hence the being sleepy this morning.

Today I go to the dentist for the first time in YEARS. I haven't been since my junior year of college because I had trouble finding a time getting in to the office with my class schedule and then my appendix ruptured and I've dealing with complications of that for the past 2 years. To say the least, it hasn't really been a priority. However, I finally made an appointment and I go in today! I'm pretty excited about it, which I know is weird, but I tend to be very OCD sometimes. I like everything to be in it's place and on schedule and I've been feeling MAJOR guilt for not getting in there. Now, I'll go and schedule another cleaning for 6 months from now and be right on track! Please don't make fun of me!

I like to go grocery shopping with coupons, but I've realized that most of these coupons are for things that I really shouldn't eat-pizza, taquitos, ice cream, etc. So I made the decision yesterday to not buy any of this crap when I grocery shop from now I on. I'm committed to only purchasing relatively healthy items and planning out my meals. Only on OCCASION will I allow myself to purchase frozen yogurt or pizza. If it's not in the house, then I can't eat it!

Gotta go!


  1. wow! I never realized that, that coupons are normally for the junky processed crap! I mean, sure every once in awhile they have something for grapes or strawberrys but you are so right it's all for the CRAP FOOD! hhmm...that's probably why it's so much more expensive to eat healthy, cuz its never on sale!

  2. It is pricey to eat well. Fruits and veggies cost wwaaaayyy more than Velveeta. So wrong!


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