Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 162

I entered a contest for the first time today! Kelly is giving away some great books for single gals :) I also left my first comment ever on her blog and linked to another blog for the first time so it's been a day of blogging firsts!

I hate feeling guilty at the end of the day for things like:
  • Eating crap instead of healthy food
  • Not walking the dog or playing with him
  • Slacking off at work
  • Not exercising
Those are just a few things, but I figure it's really easy to prevent the guilt-just make sure I eat mostly healthy, walk the puppy everyday, work hard, and get in some exercise. Today is off to a so-so start. I didn't eat all that great: Asiago bagel for breakfast, brownie, Mazzio's lunch buffet for lunch, a Knorr rice side and fudge popsicle for dinner. I did walk the puppy. I had worked my butt off at work for the past two days so today was kinda slow-tomorrow it should pick back up though. And finally I'm going to do my Pilates video when I get done blogging.

I also saw some really cute calendars on another blog that I could use to track things like walking the puppy, exercising, etc. I have several items on my 101 list that I want to do for certain amounts of time and having a calendar I could cross each day off on would really help motivate me.

Okay, off to get all lean and gorgeous from my Pilates!

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