Friday, June 26, 2009

101 Update

#92: My friend had a really hard time staying pregnant and had a few losses before she finally got pregnant with her current baby. She's a little over 17 weeks along and she found out Wednesday night that it's a boy! I'm so incredibly thrilled for her so I went out to Target and bought her a little blue onsie with a dinosaur on it and then a pair of pajamas with little feet and a puppy dog on them. I gave those to her Thursday morning all wrapped up in the cutest little bag and I think she really liked them! I love doing things for my friends just because. Giving really can feel better than receiving.

#86: Today is day 8 and I ran out of water at work this morning-yikes! I haven't bought any more of my big water jugs because I'm planning on buying one of those pitchers that filter tap water and bringing it to work so I don't have to recycle as much and can stop spending money on them all the time. I calculated that I buy around 3-4 big jugs of water every week at a little over a $1 jug. Multiplied by 52 weeks and that's over $200 a year! The water pitcher that I bought for my house this week was $30 and I really like it so I'll probably get the same one for work. Even taking into account the filters I would have to buy, it should be less than $100 this year, which is alot of savings! And that's only this year-next year I won't have to re-buy the pitchers so I'll save even more. That's my kind of investment! But...since I didn't have a chance to buy the pitcher yet and I ran out of water this morning, I had to go downstairs to the deli shop and buy two little 8oz water bottles for $2-I'm buying the pitcher this weeked for sure.

#28: I tried a new recipe last night. I've been following this blog for awhile because I love the recipes she makes. I tried the stuffed pasta shells last night and it was pretty good. I didn't measure out the ricotta and just guessed at the amount and it ended up being a little too much. Next time I'll probably cut the amount of meat down to 3/4 or even 1/2 a pound and use the right amount of ricotta. I'm not a big meat person so I like to have more sauce. All in all, it turned out decent enough.
It's Friday! Have a great weekend!
Update: I'm not sure that my link to the stuffed pasta shells is working, but if it isn't, you can click on her blog (my yummy goodness) in my blog roll on the side.

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  1. Is there anything better than stuffed pasta? I THINK NOT.

    Congrats to your friend!!!


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