Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's been a not so good day...

My day started off on the wrong foot...I got to work and found out that someone had changed around all my appointments and I had a bunch of emails that were complete nonsense so I was irritated by that. Then our entire computer system decided to not work so I had absolutely nothing I could do from 7:10am-12:35pm. I ended up going to lunch with a co-worker at 11:30am because I absolutely could not stand sitting there for another minute. At lunch I proceeded to eat two GIANT pieces of pizza while I vented about a bunch of work stuff that's really been bothering me. Then on my drive home I go by the video store to rent some movies and they tell me I have a one day late fee from my last movie, so it cost me over $15 to rent two movies-ridiculous! And I'm almost positive that I didn't really have a late fee, but whatever. Then the traffic was horrible and it took me forever to drive the 1/2 mile from the video store to my apartment. I am now fighting the insane urge to just eat anything I can find to soothe myself. Grrr!

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