Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm back on track...

Today is off to a great start! I got to sleep in-hurrah for 3 day weekends :) I finally rolled out of bed around 11 and went to Panera to get my bagels for the next two weeks. I think I'm going to switch from peanut butter to veggie cream cheese for awhile just because the toaster at work is kind of old and the bagels don't really fit in it. I figure I can nuke the bagel and put cream cheese on it and it will be yummy!

I did go ahead and get a frozen caramel from Panera and had that as my breakfast. It probably wasn't the best decision though since I drank it on an empty stomach and I haven't been feeling so hot. I figure it's just a lesson learned and at least I skipped buying a cookie or brownie or something to go with the drink.

A few hours later I had a french bread pizza single and just ate that. Normally I would eat a couple of those or just start munching and eating a bunch of other stuff. I stopped today once I was done and that's part of why today is so great! I'm really just trying to get my portions and emotional eating under control. I can do this!

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