Sunday, May 24, 2009


Well the past two days were great when it came to what I was eating, but I messed up today. It all started with some shopping. My mom wanted to take me shopping to get some new clothes because she hates how I dress. We have absolutely opposite tastes in clothing, but I do need some new clothes (nothing fits anymore!) so I went along with it. We get to the mall and I realize that in order to find pants that fit I'm going to have to go up to a size 18, which really sucks because two years ago I was in a size 8. So I'm trying on all these clothes and fighting with my mom because she keeps picking out things that a 40 year old would wear and I just start to get depressed. I look horrible in almost everything. We ended up with two shirts and one pair of pants, which my mom didn't even really like. It's just frustrating to have all your flaws staring you in the face-big hips, flabby arms, stomach and back fat, etc. That's why I haven't been going shopping and just started wearing sweats when my jeans all got too small. Well anyway, you would think that experience would motivate me to lose weight, but instead I came home and ate a moon pie, 3 taquitos, and a fudge popsicle. Then for dinner I had two hot dogs, tater tots, and an ice cream from Braums. I wasn't even hungry when I ate most of it. I know I just got discouraged and ate instead of dealing with it. I did have two good days though so hopefully I can just get started right again tomorrow.

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