Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm pretty darn proud of myself...

I really, really wanted to sleep in this morning and I kept thinking of all these reasons I would have to call into work. However, on my list is not calling into work for a year unless I'm absolutely too sick to come in, so I got my booty out of bed and came in. And...I'm really glad that I did. Once I was up and around, I had plenty of energy. I've also stuck to not saying one negative word at work so far today, so that's going really well too. It's funny how when you stop complaining so much, it becomes apparent how much everyone else complains. I didn't realize that some people were so negative, but I guess that's just because I was right there being cranky right along with them.

I'm having a pretty amazing day. I think I just needed a little bit of an attitude change and this weekend really helped me. I've been reading some great, positive blogs and making that list out really helped me to have tangible goals.

At lunch today I went to the mall and got my sunglasses fixed-they kept falling off my head whenever I wore them. So now I get to sport my cute glasses just in time for sunny spring! I also had a Victoria Secret free panty and $10 off a purchase card, so I picked up my panty and bought a sugar scrub for $10 so I got out of there without paying a dime! I had a free item with a $10 purchase at bath and body works, so I bought a candle and got a free bubble bath-which I hope to use this week! I also had a $10 off card to White House Black Market since my birthday is coming up, so I bought a really cute's was still almost $30 with the discount, but I love their clothes. When I get to my goal weight, I'm going to do the majority of my shopping there. I know it's really expensive, but the clothes are of an amazing quality and I look good in them for a long time. Whereas, I can buy cheaper clothing like at Old Navy (which I love), but it tends to fall apart and lose it's shape quicker. Hopefully, I can spend money on work clothes that will last and buy more inexpesive play clothes. And finally to end my lunchtime shopping hour, I bought myself a strawberry bannana smoothie from Frullati, which was beyond delicious!

I planned out my day to get alot of things taken care of because I always have a better day if I'm productive. So I took care of a bunch of things at lunch and then after work I'm going to deposit my birthday check from my grandparents and pick up some treats for Max. Then I'm walking Max and picking up the apartment before I meet two of my girlfriends for Starbucks-woohoo! I'm super excited because I hardly ever get to see them and I made them these cute little Easter baskets (yes, I'm aware I'm late with giving them the baskets, but I haven't seen them).

Yay for having great days!

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