Sunday, April 12, 2009

101 things in 1001 days

  1. Travel somewhere out of state with Max by myself
  2. Get a new girl puppy
  3. Order a magazine subscription 07-09-09 SHAPE
  4. Take up a new sporting activity (swimming, tennis, etc.)
  5. Pay off my car
  6. Go to the Zoo 07-05-09
  7. Get my makeup professionally done
  8. Take 50 new friend pictures (0/50)
  9. Take 20 new Max pictures (0/20)
  10. Don't complain for an entire day
  11. Complete the c25k program
  12. Run in a 5k
  13. Eat healthy for an entire week
  14. Customize blog
  15. Write in paper journal everyday for a month
  16. Print all pictures on camera -05-16-09
  17. File and organize all paperwork
  18. Eat a nice food place by myself
  19. Read 100 new books (8/100)
  20. Send a friend (Amber) a package just because -05-09-09
  21. Spend a whole day outside just hiking and taking pictures
  22. Go to a waterpark by myself 07-09-09
  23. Take a roadtrip
  24. Be true to myself
  25. Buy a little black dress and go somewhere fancy
  26. Decorate home
  27. Compliment 10 strangers (1/10)
  28. Try 30 new recipes (1/30)
  29. Buy a house
  30. Save $5000
  31. Start a Roth IRA
  32. Get medical records from both hospitals (Edmond DONE 05-11-09)
  33. Do something nice for my parents
  34. Wear a string bikini (no tankini's or skirt bottoms) in public and feel good about it
  35. Don't call into work unless actually sick for a year
  36. Compliment the people at work at least 10 times (5/10)
  37. Don't spend any money for a week
  38. Implement 5 new "green" strategies (1/5)
  39. Transfer CD's to Itunes
  40. Participate in a charity walk/run
  41. Make care packages for the troops
  42. Volunteer at free to live
  43. Volunteer at habitat for humanity
  44. Go to the aquarium
  45. Go to the Omniplex
  46. Blog everyday for a month June 3, 2009-July 3, 2009
  47. Go to Vegas
  48. Update passport
  49. Donate money to 5 good causes (1/5)
  50. Learn how to actually cut an onion
  51. Learn how to wrap a pretty present
  52. Go to Affair of the Heart
  53. Make 10 new desserts (0/10)
  54. Buy 5 items off Etsy to support crafters (1/5)
  55. Buy a painting from a artist
  56. Take and frame black and white photos (large) for home
  57. Go to OKC arts festival -04-25-09
  58. Go to a Thunder game
  59. Take a spin class
  60. Get to a healthy BMI
  61. Take a "secret" day off and do nothing but play with Max, watch movies and eat junk food
  62. Be more patient
  63. Treat my body right (get enough sleep, eat well, exercise, etc.)
  64. Get a clean bill of health and be off meds for at least 3 months
  65. Do Pilates or Yoga everyday for a month
  66. Do the 30 day Shred videos
  67. Clean up and customize Myspace and Facebook (add new photos, delete old messages, etc.)
  68. "Adopt" a child at Christmas
  69. Spend at least 6 mths being single and learning about myself
  70. Visit where I was born
  71. Visit the Eiffel Tower at night
  72. Go back to Hawaii and look at lava at night and climb Diamond Head
  73. Visit California Grandma
  74. Visit all NJ relatives
  75. Get engaged
  76. Take a cooking class
  77. Go to a church service
  78. Bring treats to work 5 times (0/5)
  79. Get at least 7 hours sleep everynight for two weeks
  80. Join a book club
  81. Catch up with an old friend
  82. Visit with Amber once a month for six months
  83. Find a new hobby
  84. Treat myself to a fancy dinner night (eat at the table with candles and good food)
  85. Start investing
  86. Drink nothing but water for a month
  87. Have friends over a for a girls night 5 times (0/5)
  88. Update my resume and apply to five jobs for practice (0/5)
  89. Make 10 new friends (0/10)
  90. Watch the dogs so my parents can go out of town
  91. Walk Max everyday for a month
  92. Do something for my friends just because 5 times (3/5)
  93. Don't say one negative word at work for a week
  94. Be more friendly and open
  95. Stop judging others
  96. Listen to 3 new books on tape (0/3)
  97. Get DVR
  98. Have an entire Spa Day
  99. Send out 5 letters (0/5)
  100. Use lotion after the shower everyday for a month (and hope my dry skin goes away!)
  101. Finish this list and start a new one
This list is inspired from a list that I read off my new favorite blog. If it all goes according to plan I should have the whole list completed by January 10th, 2012-wish me luck! I've decided to make this blog more about living the best life I can instead of just health and fitness...I hope you make your own list!

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