Sunday, March 22, 2009

Well it's not healthy, but I did it anyway!

I tried a new recipe today-Chicken and Alfredo Casserole. I found the recipe on The Nest and modified it to make it just a little better for me. I used low fat cream cheese and 2% milk instead of the full fat versions to make the alfredo sauce and I used less butter when making the crumb topping. I know it's still bad for me, but it came out delicious! I really do enjoy cooking, especially when the result is worth the time I put in.

Today was kind of a lazy day. I stayed home except for getting bagels from Panera and filling my car with gas. I washed my bedding and have been addicted to reading Diet Girl-I'm almost done and I just got it Friday! I really accomplished alot this weekend and I'm finally starting to feel some peace from the bad mood I'd been in for the last couple days. I need organization and cleanliness or I start to get agitated. My eating and exercise is going pretty well, my financial situation is getting better (finally paid off those credit cards!), the apartment is as clean as it's been in awhile and I feel like I'm just on track with things. It's a great feeling!

B-Homemade hash brown, egg, cheese and turkey bacon burrito (ate 3/4)
L-Triscuits and cheese
D-Chicken and Alfredo Casserole and Frozen Yogurt with chocolate syrup

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