Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm super proud of myself!

I came to work today and my co-worker that has been having quite a bit of trouble getting and then staying pregnant let me know that she's pregnant again! I was so excited for her so we went out to lunch to celebrate. She picked an Italian place that I love to get the manicotti at. It's covered in both tomato and alfredo sauce and then I usually get a salad with ranch dressing and it's unlimited bread. So I sort of got worried and checked their website to see what I would be able to get instead. I ended up ordering a house salad with a light vig. dressing and whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce and grilled chicken! I even limited myself to three pieces of bread when I could have eaten the entire loaf! And my friend ordered the manicotti so I was especially proud of myself for not giving in. It's amazing how I'm not exhausted compared to when I normally eat a big bowl of pasta. All I can usually think about is a nap.

Today is my day to run w1d3, which I'm kind of dreading and kind of looking forward to. It's nice breezy, cool weather so I'm hoping it goes well!

B-Plain bagel with PB
L-WW pasta with grilled chicken and tomato sauce and salad with light vig. and bread
S-Apple slices
D-Turkey and Cheese on Asiago bagel

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