Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I feel yucky

Let me start with last night. I went for my run and I got shin splints!!! I'm really disappointed about that because I know if I skip a day in the program to rest that I'm more likely to just quit the whole thing. So I'm running tomorrow regardless of the shin splints and then going to get fitted for running shoes this weekend. I'm really excited to get my first pair of running shoes, but I'm sure it will be expensive and it's kind of intimidating to me. So we'll see how it goes.

Then this morning I came into work feeling absolutely fine and then all of sudden got really nauseated and I noticed that my right side was bothering me. By 10am I was feeling pretty much back to normal though. I'm kind of worried about something in particular, but I'm just going to hope that it doesn't happen again and that I'm fine. Either way, I'll probably keep my nausea meds with me for the next couple of days.

I've been doing well with my eating, which is great! Jeez, I just got kind of dizzy. I think I should go lay down for a little bit.

B-1/4 Plain Bagel with PB
L-Turkey and Cheese on Asiago Bagel and chocolate pudding cup
S-Apple slices
S2-4 Kashi crackers
D-Healthy lasagna
E-Day off

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